A tale of two spartans is the premier machinima from Team ChaoticSorceror. This machinima will debut soon, as long as more information here as it progresses. Currently, the first 3 episodes are practically done, but the team is just having some uploading issues.

An Episode guide is below:

Episode 1: Porn Watcher Bob

James and Jason are introduced, and they find out that Jason's work partner, bob, has been downloading porn on their computer again.

Episode 2: The wrath of Jason

Bob is introduced, and Jason gets into a massive (and violent)argumen with him to get him to stop downloading porn.

Episode 3: Yous a broken my goose!

After going on a joy ride in James' mongoose, Jason inadvertantly breakes it and has to go and get it repaired. While there, the repairman is killed by someone and its up to Jason to capture him or her.

Episode 4:Chase

Jason Chases down the killer--Bob, and confronts him.

Episode 5: The Artificial Intelligence Cometh

In order to pay their increasingly expensive mortgage bills, James and Jason rent their spare bedroom--to a sentient Artificial Intelligence named 'Jim' .

Episode 6: Safe as Houses-whose-bills-haven't-been-paid-for-seven-years

Jim is becoming increasingly annoying, so James and Jason leave for a safe house (which is in extreme disrepair because the bills haven't been paid for 7 years) on an 'extended vacation'. They play to stay there as long as is required to get Jim evicted from the house.


James: Hayabusa Helmet, EOD Chest, Hayabusa Shoulders

An ordinary dude who lives with his best friend, Jason. He copes with everyday life and his (and sometimes Jason's) screwball work partners. He changes his armour after Episode 3 (he says it's his new work uniform)

Jason : Scout Helmet, Hayabusa chest and shoulders Another ordinary dude who lives with his best friend, James. He copes with with everyday life and his (and sometimes James') screwball work partners. He changes his armour after episode 3.

Bob: MK V Helm, Brown A pervert who downloads porn on James and Jason's computer, and incurring their wrath. He's not very smart, and, ironically, he works as a demolition expert with Jason.

Douchebag Sam: MK VI Body, White One of James' work partners. He seems to hate James for some reason, and never accepts his (James') requests for a 10 cent pay increase.

MiKe: MK VI Body, Blue An idiot who handles hazardous material at James' workplace. He never gets paid because his pay is constantly being used to pay for hospital bills for the wounds he causes for being irresponsible with said hasardous materials.

Jim--Voice only

An Aritficial intelligence who downloaded into the house's computer(s). How he pays for rent is unknown.