An halo 3 machinima about when a couple of aliens get bored and abduct a human, who is a pothead.


Part 1

Onboard an alien space, two elite‘s, one purple and the other one is blue, travel though space. The purple elite tells his friend he is bored on the ship. The blue elite says they should do something thing and suggest alien shit and the purple elite sets a course for earth. On earth, a human friend tells his two friends to join him on his floating dingy because its fun but the don’t want, but they what could hurt. Just then, the friend gets abducted and the two decide not to go after all. Onboard the ship, the human sees the elites and instead of freaking out, is excited to meet because he wants to ask them some question. The elites are unable to understand him when he asks. They think he is talking about talking about their planet. He then asks what kind of dope they have when he tries to talk in their language, they bath are startled. Later the three start doing dope. The humans says they aren’t bad dudes, but what their smelly is the fuel from the ship because elites are afraid that he and his species may attack their planet. He then ask if they want to go streaking on campus.

Part 2

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