A Halo 3 machinima series about a professor and student from the university of vio accompanied by two soldiers excavate an artifact called the sword of the undead which is considered to be one of the most historic artifacts the world has ever known of.

Episode 1 part 1 of 2Edit

The series starts off with the professor leading his student and his two security escorts through ruins of an ancient site of the undead. When going over through a bridged, they see old corpses. The group then encounter a the entrance to the temple of the undead. The professor says with the right number of knocks they should be able to get in. after the right number of knocks, the room to the undead is open. The group goes in and find the sword of the undead. The professor tells him with this sword can give them insight on the world beyond death. He asks if steve, his student will be apart of this and he agrees and congrats each other but then they hear mourning noises down the hall. They then decide to leave, the professor grabs the sword to take, but it does something to him that makes him unable to move. The group comes back for, but then mummy’s descend into the chamber. Steve grabs the professor and run with the security guards behind, running after them while being chase by mummy’s and the episode ends to be continue.


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