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Written by Warriner Bros, the story is set in the year 2524 BLACKWOOD focuses on the actions of a six man team of SPARTAN II Commando's throughout the entire Human Covenant War. The team's codename is BLACKWOOD.

The Machinima is currently in production.

Season 1 "The New War"Edit

"The year is 2524. Though unaware of the Covenant's existence humanity is locking in a civil war against a rebel movement, The Insurrectionists. The Office of Navel Intelligence is creating the ultimate soldiers, the SPARTAN II's. Nearing the program's completion the SPARTANs are ready for their final augmentations and tests."

The first season focuses on the Team's efforts against the Insurrectionists before the start of the Human Covenant civil war. The team comprises of six members: Simon, Alex, Drew, Kaitlin, Rex and Rhys.

Season 2 "Seeds of Deceit" Edit

Season 2 is being planned but is currently unconfirmed.

Season 3 "Fires of War" Edit

Season 3 is being planned but is currently unconfirmed.

Season 4 "The Manhunt" Edit

Season 4 is being planned but is currently unconfirmed.

Season 5 "Confronting Jorak" Edit

Season 5 is being planned but is currently unconfirmed.

Season 6 "The Last Bastion" Edit

Season 6 is being planned but is currently unconfirmed.


Produced by: Hawkhound Productions

Created by: Warriner Bros

Directed by: D3RPY BLA5T01SE

Written by: Warriner Bros

Casting by: Upgrade 626

Effects by: Baggage_warrior

Scenery by: CosmicDoubloon

Executive Producer: Warriner Bros


Megalodon 302 as Simon/Uzkel Radomee/Elite 2

Liz Dance as Alex

OWS Badger as Drew/Marine 1

Katie Cossar as Kaitlin

Peter Boswell as Rex

Jordan Lagana as Rhys

Saul Goodman II as Lt Col Bishop

Jordan McCaleb as Capt Bromley/Marine 2/Insurrectionist 2/ODST 2/Pilot 2/Elite 1

Onyx as Cmdr Hislop/ODST 1

Tristan Edwards as Maj Kerns

Alex Atkinson as Lt Munro/Doctor 2/Nurse 1

JacksonSX35 as Sgt Maj Frost/ODST 3/Pilot 3

Matt Wong as Sgt Jones

Egurulejr20 as Cpl Gutierrez/Dr Peters/Doctor 1/Nurse 2/Insurrectionist 1/Pilot 1

Kuro Ookami as Forrest

Corruption Films as Marine 3/Insurrectionist 3

MDooMknight as Marine 4/Elite Ultra

Cloudie But as Marine Scout 2/SPARTAN 2

Chris Marasco as Marine Scout 1/SPARTAN 1

D3RPY BLA5T01SE as Marine Sergeant

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