Besieged is a machinima that is based around the Armies of New Troy and New Sparta. It takes place during the current "Halo" day (around 2500 A.D.) and shares the story of the New Trojan siege of New Sparta. The machinima is planned to only have one episode, and it may be the basis for a larger machinima.

Story(spoiler alert)Edit

The story begins with the New Trojan army gathering on top of Montana, preparing to attack an outpost station above the Blood Gulge. The story then shows The Battle of Outpost 001, which takes place above Montana. The New Trojan forces would later use this as a stornghold for attacking New Sparta. The story then shows farmland being attacked. A map will then be shown showing New Troy's progress, almost surronding New Sparta. New Troy would siege the city. A discussion between the highest ranking officers of New Sparta is shown. They say New Sparta would not make any attacks until "help" would arrive.


  • General Nadious- The leader of the New Spartan Army in the defense of the city. He is shown having to constantally fall back farther and farther, always getting closer to New Sparta. Played by EpicToo.
  • General Hector (known as Hect)- The leader of the New Trojan invasion force, shown throughout as a tactical mastermind. Played by PoweringForward
  • Unknown soldiers- Soldiers from both sides are not shown with names often, as the story is based more on the story of two armies than induvidual characters. Played by Kewldude, PoweringForward and EpicToo(sometimes) AgingBaton04

Editor's NoteEdit

Requirments met

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