Black Shard Productions is a Semi-New Machinima group jumping into the business with a huge passion for Halo.


The Logo of Black Shard Productions

This group started off as "Kydragon" studios, and later became Black Shard Productions because a serious re-vamp was in order. They Started off making Machinima such as Mutants:Rise of the Mutated, which, in turn, became one of their self-proclaimed worst machinima series' they've made, and never made it past 2 episodes

Shortly after Mutants:Rise of the Mutated, A new series was born. Supersoldiers was an Eight Episode series that is still unfinished to this date, and is more-than-likely going to be finished shortly after the release of Halo:Reach. This series struck a passion into the Directors, Kyler Nyhagen and Drake Cornell. This series made them want to continue improving their machinima until they could improve no more, the episode slowly began to get better, and better, until the eigth episode when the series met an unfortunate "Stop" and episode 9 was never released (However, like i have said, it is most likely going to be finished). This was the first big series Black Shard Productions made and the longest stretch of episodes in a series they have made.

Of course, there were the flops, such as Suicide bombers, a comedy that Black shard productions made and never made it past the first episode.

Then, after many trials and errors, Black Shard Productions made their best series to date, Halo: Pandemic, this was a 2-part series that everyone loved, except a select few whom chose to critique it by posting 18 comments on one video (yes, that actually happened). This was a series about, as the title says, a pandemic, this series was the biggest and best series Black Shard Productions ever made, and, the first season was finished with it's conclusion of episode 7. Black Shard Productions later started and completed the second season with 8 parts.

Black shard productions is now working closely with Black Plasma Studios so they can improve their work even more than before, with an extreme amount of help from their director, Arbiter617, the newest 3 part machinima is aiming to be the best they can make

This 3 part machinima is titled The Discovery and is about an artifact found by the humans, however, the covenant are desperately trying to get it, part 1 is the only part finished right now, but expect part 2 and 3 to be uploaded some time this summer.

Of course, when Halo:Reach comes out, Black Shard Productions will make a new series, no info has been released to the public about it though, except that a series is coming, so, tune in to check out the series when it is made!

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