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Lead actor in the popular HollywoodHalo Machinima group. Also the founder of the Machinima group Eden Pictures which has produced many original works. He is now an admin at and produces the sites official podcast.


  • Legendary (series)
  • Hemisphere
  • Through the Valley
  • Par Avion

Fathom HoaxEdit


Fathom Teaser Image

In July of 2007 a highly anticipated project was announced. The project involved BlackouTT, SodaGod, Jamie98s and Fantasy Cubed. It was entitled "Fathom" It was released as a trailer which featured superb editing and many special effects which led viewers to think the finished project would be one of the biggest machinimas ever produced, however it turned out to be a prank by SodaGod. The finished project was completely different than what the trailer portrayed.


Par Avion



Through the Valley

Shadow of the Day

Legendary 1

Legendary 2