A halo 2 machinima made by Flem productions.

Episode listEdit

Episode 1

Steve, of the UEMC (United Earth Marine Corps) wakes up after a battle to find everyone dead, well everyone except his disgruntled A.I. Jerry. He soon finds out, however, that he is quite wrong.

Episode 2

After Steve passes out, he has a flashback to what happened before he first woke up. He, of course, only believes it to be a dream.

Episode 3

After Steve fixes up an old warthog, he sets out to find his comrades, however he runs into something altogether different.

Episode 4

After Steve chases the alien back into the caves, the tables turn, and Steve must talk his way out of the situation, or be killed in the process.

Episode 5

After leaving the mysterious ruins that Steve and Necro met in, they come across a freezing wasteland, in which they encounter a problem. Steve and Necro also begin to get to know each other a little better, and start to build a shaky friendship.

Episode 6

When the pair get down the trail and to the gate, Steve unveils his plan of how to get inside. However...Per-usual...Things do not go as planned.

Episode 7

After Jerry disappears into the mysterious gate computer console, Steve and Necro are left on their own. However, after an alarm is triggered, things start to pick up.

Episode 8

After Steve and Necro fought off the soldiers guarding the fortress, they had some issues to work out. Why did Steve run away instead of helping his friend? Is this the end of their partnership?

Episode 9

Necro receives a transmission from his army forces, but he doesn't tell Steve about it. The invasion force needs something, and only Necro can deliver it to them.




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