Bucket Jobs

Created by:


Directed by:

Corey Correa


  • Corey Correa
  • Natalie Correa
  • Magnus Kelly
  • Struan Kelly
  • Lochlan Barrie
  • James Jackson



Running time:

2 minutes

Bucket Jobs is a series centering around 4 soliders, Quinn, Lemin, Artemis and Baxter. Despite their training, the UNSC finds that they lack skill and drive. They resolve to assign them to 'Bucket Jobs', jobs designed to kill them, as their contract cannot be terminated until death.


Main article: List of Characters in Bucket Jobs


Angry and to the point, Quinn is incapable of performing any real military manouever, instead relying on a fast tounge and strong will to make it through.


Brash and somewhat rude, Lemin can be seen antagonizing fellow soliders from time to time. Also unable to perform to the militaries standards, he is left with Bucket Duty.


A no-good slacker who would be found dead before actually working - which is often the case during training. Insistant that someone, possibly Baxter, has been messing with his sights, he is unable to shoot a wall his toes are touching, instead throwing his gun for maximum effect.


The only solider that can be semi-capable at times, Baxter is sadly dumber than a rock. The CO actually substitued him for a rock in a training op and no one figured out the difference.


A Spartan-II, left behind after the Old War. While everyone else was dead and forgotten after the war, he was still being supplied as if it was still going. Infuriated, he decides to journey across the planet to get revenge on the people who killed so many.


In charge of personnel on the small planet of Komase, she finds herself in the difficult position of assiging the four dead-men-walking increasingly dangerous jobs.


Bit of an idiot, the commander makes appearances where necessary, keeping moral up, as well as issuing general orders.




Main article: Seasons

Currently, one season is planned, with a prologue already released.

The season will follow the format of 10 episodes, a mid season break of about 2 weeks, then it will continue until finishing, with each episode being released monday night at 7pm AEST.

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