C N' P

Created by:


Directed by:



  • Alexo670


May 24, 2008 - Present

Running time:

8 minutes (Average)

Number of episodes:

50 (2 Animated specials/Over 20+ in raw audio, with no video, Over 70 Written to be released).


CNP, also referred to as Chad N Peter, is a Halo machinima/ Animated comedy series; created by Alexo670. The first pilot episode, originally titled "Coke N' Pepsi" was released on May 24, 2008. After a brief run on Halo 3, and slight legality issues, the show was reformatted for a new season, with new characters, and more developed story lines. In May of 2018, the show celebrated its 10th anniversary with a 200 hour stream, where fans donated to see the show independently funded for the summer of 2018.

Episodes follow curmudgeon Chad 'Coke' Cola. His older, alcoholic patriarch, Peter Cola (Sometimes called Pepsi, but censored as an inside joke), and Chad's weird high pitched best friend, Deuu Dino.

The episodes generally take place within a school narrative, with Chad and Deuu as students in high school, dealing with peer pressures of popularity, and conformity to social norms.

Other Universes and Realities of the show exist, and have been explored over time.

As of 2018, it is one of the longest running Machinima shows in the History of the internet, behind Red Vs Blue, This spartan life, and AntC n the Chief .

Also see Alexo670

Development Edit

Pepsi original

A screen shot from the original short of C N'P. This shot of peter is the only known shot from the video, which was deleted shortly after the first 'Coke N' Pepsi' was released.

In late 2007, Alexo670 had made machinima with help of few friends online. One day, while talking to CNP Co-creator, Sandman, they began to talk of an online internet series with duo personalities. An ignorant character, usually getting into mischief, paired along with a smart character, who shows no problems up until something goes horribly wrong. The idea eventually died out after a while, and was forgotten.

Early April had come around, nearly three months after the dormant machinima idea from Alexo and Sandman. Alexo had thought of a new idea, with same character personalities, with a slight adjustment to the cast of characters on the show.

Five months of thinking about it had gone by. Alexo had decided to give it a go and make just a short of what the real thing would be like. With the positive reaction given by just a short trailer alone, the first pilot episode of CNP was released on May 24, 2008.

Name changeEdit

During Coke N' Pepsi episode five's development, Alexo was contacted via email by an official of Pepsi corporation, stating Pepsi's plans to file charges against Alexo in court for using there brand name and Logo associated with vulgar language and suggestive themes. To avoid this, Alexo simply changed the name, and Pepsi's name to Peter. Thankfully, no suit was filled, but Alexo had said how disappointed he was by the gesture, considering all he drinks is Pepsi products.

As of 2013, Alexo himself has begun to question if it was legitimate that pepsi emailed him, claiming it could have been trolling from internet haters at the time. No official word from pepsi was released on the subject, but Alexo has said it was the best thing to happen to the show. (Name problems could have arose in the future)


  • Coke
    • Chad 'Coke' Cola - One of the Main Characters.
    • Mountain 'Deuu' Dino - Cokes Best Friend.
    • Mr. Sinister - School Teacher.
    • Ms. Sarah 'Bitch' - Cokes Teacher.
    • Suzy - Popular Elite.
    • Peter Cola - Cokes Older Brother.
    • Pookie - School Druggy.
    • Popular Girls - Popular Girls of The School.
    • Richard 'Dick' Tan - Annoying 'Popular' Kid.
  • Peter (Often referred to as 'Pepsi')
  • Dew
  • Net (Retired Character) (Brief cameo in C N' P #3 part 1 & C N' P 6 YEAR EVENT)
  • Ted (Retired Character) (Brief cameo in C N' P 6 YEAR EVENT)
  • Richard 'Dick' Tan
  • Ciara Mist (No appearance since C N' P season 1) CONFIRMED FOR C N' P THE MOVIE
  • Popular Girls (Random pink and yellow spartans)
  • Mr. Sinister
  • Ms. Bitch
  • Pooki
  • Suzy (Only Appears in C N' P: Jobs)


The original pilot series never successfully set a story line upon itself. For the most part, characters were just thrown into a random scenario, and the outcome was positive. However, people at this point had started to wonder if the series would ever set in a story or add a dynamic twist to the characters and the way they interact.

When C N' P began, the viewer was then thrown into a new type of series. Rather than a random scenario with all the characters, you follow Coke through his years in high school. The big adaption into a school setting was something that Alexo had always wanted to do. The ideas were over the top and would prove for comedy. Also Alexo began a series of rants in which Coke begins explaining about things that concerns or annoy him.

Series name/ Similarities with colorsEdit

Most people tend to wonder where Alexo even considered the idea to name his pilots, "Coke N' Pepsi." After being asked, Alexo had said that it was really just because he was bad at naming characters. The series today however (C N' P) was changed due to legal reasons (See 'Name Change' above).

Others have suggested that the name Coke N' Pepsi had been ripped from Red vs Blue, the popular machinima series which uses the same basis of colors in its name. However, Alexo and Sandman have denied this statement saying "If your calling us a rip off because of colors, then you might as well say the halo 3 ripped off all the terminator movies because master chief looks like a robot."

Most people can agree that RvB and C N' P similarities end with the colors. Due to RvB being set within the actual narrative of the Halo universe, and mentioning that master chief is a real person to them. While C N' P is within its own timeline, not bound to halo, being set in current day pop culture, and using subjects relative to today's people, and making comedy from that. C N' P has even gone as far as to mention the people claiming they've "Ripped off RvB" even though the shows are drastically different, and most who complain about the slight similarities haven't watched either series.

For C N' P's origin, please read above in the Name change section.

Season 4: The Jump to Animation.Edit

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Season 4 of Cn'p went animated

Season 4 of CN'P is so far the first Halo machinma to become an animated series. All the characters are different from their Halo incarnations such as Chad, who is short with a square head; Dew, who has a long, snake like neck, and is 4 times Chad's height, and Peter, who is taller than Chad, has 'Goku' like hair, and a scruffy beard.

Critical reception came from a lot of CN'P fans. Most people had identified with the show simply because it was Halo. Alexo had expressed that the CN'P cartoon series has been an idea since 2009, making it even older then some of the most iconic episodes that define the show. Some were ultimately split. For a long time, Alexo said there would never be another Halo episode. The second short release

d on Christmas 2012.

As of November 14th, 2013, it has been confirmed that no new animated episodes will be released for the foreseeable future.



C N' P THE MOVIE poster!

On May 19, 2013, after a long hiatus, Alexo gave a little teaser of what is to come for the CN'P series on his Facebook page. And on the next day, Alexo revealed that a CN'P movie is in the making in celerbration of the 5 years he has been making CN'P. It is going to be a flim in Halo 3, continuing right after the 4th episode of the first season. It was also revealed that fans can help out with the film. Fliming began on May 24 and it was supposed to start filming again on May 26, but Alexo was sick that day, so it was postponed to June 1. It is required by all fans that they need all of the map packs from Halo 3 to be invited to the film.

After another hiatus, Alexo returned with new episodes of C N' P in halo, and is still working on the film as of Feburary 2014. Some details on the film have slipped as the release nears, all of which include;

-The Movie is about time travel. The teaser poster, and explinations from Alexo all point to time travel being a key concept.

-The Movie centers around the entire existence of the C N' P series, and may explain the non-linear time line (Pilots to Season 1, Going from Halo to a cartoon).

- The film will explain where sierra has gone.

-The Movie is said to be over 2 hours long, making it one of the longest Halo Machinima films released on the internet.

-The Movie may shed light on Chad and Peters Parents

-Richard is the main villian.

-The film will use more then one Halo.

Alexo hasn't placed any relase dates, and says editing has become a nightmare, but the film release is being tied over with brand new C N' P episodes.

Halo Animation in the FilmEdit


From left to right: Deuu, Chad, and Peter, as they appeared in the announcement for C N' P THE MOVIE.

On May 24th, 2014, Alexo hosted a live stream for all the C N' P fans. There, he streamed for 23 hours for C N' P's 6 Year anniversary, and announced C N' P the movie will incorperate source film maker and 3D animation. Just for select scenes and motions within the film. Halo will still be used, but  alexo statedthumb|NaNxNaNpx|From left to right: Deuu, Chad, and Peter, as they appeared in the announcement for C N' P THE MOVIE.|link= On May 24th, 2014, Alexo hosted a live stream for all the C N' P fans. There, he streamed for 23 hours for C N' P's 6 Year anniversary, and announced C N' P the movie will incorperate source film maker and 3D animation. Just for select scenes and motions within the film. Halo will still be used, but  alexo statedthumb|NaNxNaNpx|From left to right: Deuu, Chad, and Peter, as they appeared in the announcement for C N' P THE MOVIE.|link= On May 24th, 2014, Alexo hosted a live stream for all the C N' P fans. There, he streamed for 23 hours for C N' P's 6 Year anniversary, and announced C N' P the movie will incorperate source film maker and 3D animation. Just for select scenes and motions within the film. Halo will still be used, but  alexo statedthumb|NaNxNaNpx|From left to right: Deuu, Chad, and Peter, as they appeared in the announcement for C N' P THE MOVIE.|link= On May 24th, 2014, Alexo hosted a live stream for all the C N' P fans. There, he streamed for 23 hours for C N' P's 6 Year anniversary, and announced C N' P the movie will incorperate source film maker and 3D animation. Just for select scenes and motions within the film. Halo will still be used, but  alexo stated

'I wanna get it right the first time, you only get to call something "The Movie" Once'.

As of 2018, the film Has been revealed to have been 'split', into smaller, more manageable films, using a single engine for visuals. Alexo explained how theyre were 5 to 6 different versions of the Particular films called 'The Movie', and Revealed plans to release CNP: THE ATOMIC MOVIE at the end of 2018, with 55 minutes or less in length.

It was also revealed the Reach universe would see an origin film in 2019, With a working title, CNP the 'School' Movie, The New Batch of CNP, Even Darker Humor (2014-2016)Edit

After a hiatus of the series for a half year, CNP returned to Youtube in January of 2014 under partnership with With releases every other week for the next 2 months, people were enjoying the new episodes of the show, as if it had never gone away. With the release of the new episodes under machinima, many thought the shows crude humor, and fowl jokes would be ripped away for a more toned down version of the show. This was not the case, as some of the episodes released during this time would become some of the most controversial episodes of the entire series. Episodes of the earlier show were written mostly by Alexo, at a very young age. By 2014, Alexo had finally grown up, and began to steer the shows humor and underlying subjects into another light, unseen in Machinima narrative.

An example includes the 'Hi Colorado' Episode, where the gang went to Colorado, a state in the Continental United States, to prevent people from doing marijuana (Cannabis). In 2014, the State was the first of two states to legalize recreational use of the drug in the states boarders, however, under federal US law it remains illegal. Ms. Bitch is seen giving pamphlets to the class, that show figures saying 'Pot Killed ONE BILLION PEOPLE LAST YEAR' and other outlandish claims. Deuu and Chad after school, are convinced by peter (Who is Determined to get to colorado for the new laws) to fly there. After crash landing in the state, The characters come across a man outside of Denver. The man explains how everyone is high, but the crime rate is down, and production is up, and taxes are helping people, also informing the crew about the use of Hemp as a resource, and how the forefathers of the united States Grew the cousin plant of Cannabis. The end of the episode, it is revealed that the entire oxygen supply in the state has been taken up by the smoke, and the characters experience a euphoric reaction.

The episode was generally written off as a gag, but brought a very serious topic of discussion into the light of the fan base. Deuu even encourages the audience to discuss the topic with others, and how obviously no one should be forced to use such a drug. But the narrative brings forward the discussion of Miss information. Challenging what over half the population of the United States, Consider a failed Drug War for the last five decades, and doing it in a quick, satirical manner, to not seem pandering to one side of the argument.

Another Controversial CNP was 'Fix News Out Takes', which was a parody of major new orginizations like Fox News, CNN, and MSNBC. The episode was one of the few CNP episodes to use racial humor, politics, media bias, and the destructive nature of a 24/7 news cycle that only reports for profits.

Many were quick to call Alexo a 'Libtard' with the release of the episode. Barack Obama was referenced as the Anti-christ many times in the episode, which has been a term some Americans have related to people in the conservative movement, who do not support Obama's policies. Obama is also covered as a topic by the news cast because he 'Said the word black'. A clip shows Obama referencing he had his Black Cars parks outside of the white house, and the pundents are quick to make it into a racial reference, specifying how they have never used that word in their lives. The a joke is played out to show the media takes insignificant parts about stories, and blows them up into huge issues, sometimes to keep people entirely distracted all together. Because of the satire, and general subjects it was able to cover, the episode is considered by many fans, one of the Best CNP episodes of All time.

2018, The CNP Virtual Convention for 10 years!Edit

After producing the shows return for 2017 during the third quarter of 2016, Alexo suddenly disbanded the CNP series. Not much information is available to why this happened, Alexo has cited his mental health and personal life affecting production, and putting it on the back burner. In August of 2016, he announced the show would be retired for a time. On December 9th, 2016, Alexo publically announced machinima's contract with the show was at an end, as he had not heard from the company in 3 years. This forced Alexo to pull all advertising, and make less then 8 dollars on youtube in the next year.

In 2018, it was discovered that Alexo had gone eating once a day, or not at all during these periods, to see the show made, claiming its all he ever knew, and had no other motive except CNP. The Funding running out in even table scraps from machinima, depression, and the exaust from working on CNP for so long at the time. (8-13 Minute episode can take 14-40 hours to make)

On October 20th, 2017, a new CNP logo was shared by Alexo on his twitter, saying the show would be returning in 2018. No further details are known at this time. 2018 also marks the 10 year anniversary of the show.

As of 2018, 5 New CNP episodes have been released. The show has officially returned, and on may 17th Began taking voluntary fan donations live for the CNP 10th Anniversary virtual convention, raising 400 dollars in less then 24 hours.

However, during the first 3 days of the event, Machinima had taken more then 200 dollars from CNP's fans via youtube superchat. According to Machinima, Alexo failed to contact them to claim the contract was not wanted... even though he had made it clear online he was done, and followed all the rules to move forward from them, and stay on youtube with no ads at all.

CNP Fans, and many more responded by Donating over 1,500 dollars over the entire week, and Seeing the First CNP Legend on Patreon. The CNP LEGEND is an exclusive, one time, large donation of 1,500 dollars to the show. This gives the Legend special thanks in CNP for the rest of its run, an Xbox used on the show signed by the characters, and exclusive looks at CNP's production behind the scenes for ever!

Alexo has considered legal Action against machinima, for fraudulent extension of contract, directly stealing fan donations to keep the show indepent of a large corperation like themselves. After Alexo made publically clear it was over, worked months to prepare the Anniversary, and removed ads years prior. Without having anyway to contact them, they forced Alexo into another 12 months, and subsequently again in 2017 and 2018.

Alexo was unaware, as the youtube only made 8 dollars in over a year since the contract had originally expired.

The 10th Anniversary Convention Funded the show more in a single week, then the entire time the show was with in the initial 3 years contract. The show will continue to be independently funded by the fans, who did more for the show then machinima ever could.

Machinima Terminated the Alexo and CNP contract on June 4th, 2018, nearly 17 months since the fraudulent contract they forced him into without his knowledge for a year and a half.

The CNP fans were officially dubbed, the DEUUFAM, and All the characters through the event answered fan questions, played games with fans, saw an entire CNP process on 2 different episodes (Deuu N Pooki's night out l and Warcrack). The event ended midnight, May 25th with a Reveal of CNP THE ATOMIC (HALO 3, FIRST) MOVIE. The film will feature the original pilot universe, and why they are on standoff in the first place. This is a branch of 'CNP THE MOVIE' which is directly connected in some way to the Atomic Movie.

Confirmed films: These were confirmed for CNP's 10th anniversary virtual convention.


A marathon, with special Color grading and audio, plaued all through the event from 12AM to 8AM every day. The Entire Show played For Over 12 hours after the stream ended on May 25th, securing one of the longest single man brodcast in the history of any Machinina show, with 200 hours live in just under 9 days.

Seasons and SpecialsEdit

The Halo Used                                 Years/Episodes

  • Halo 3 -                       Pilot Season: (2008) 4 Episodes
  • Halo 3 -                    Season 1: (2009-2010) 4 Episodes
  • Halo Reach -             Season 2: (2010-2011) 3 Episodes
  • Halo Reach -            Season 3: (2011-2012) 10 Episodes
  • Cartoon -                          Season 4: (2012)  2 Episodes
  • Halo 3 -                            C N' P DX (2013) 1 Special
  • Halo Reach -                           2014 (2014) 10 Episodes
  • Halo 3/ Reach/2 Anni.               2015 (2015) 7 Episodes (+ Halo 3 Anniversary Special)
  • Halo 2/3/Reach/ 5                    2016 (2016) 6 Episodes (6  More Including B& 2 and Halloween II)
  • Halo 3 -                         CNP Retro  (2017) 20+ Episodes (The possible Ending of the Series, Releasing all of 2017)
  • C N' P: THE MOVIE (2018?) 

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