A halo 3 machinima series in a parallel universe the humans lost the great war against the covenant armada. We follow two Spartans trying to survive on a halo ring crawling with rouge clans and covenant troops looking to wipe out any survivors.





Episode 1

Pete tells of the hard war and the battle of clans but is interrupted by his friend carl. They started yelling out each other, one for interrupting him and other about the private life and private time and say kuss words. When their doing this another person comes up to the two of them. They ask who he is and tells him he is Kevin and says he looking for the thunder flame clan and the two says it them. He has a message from the oddonel clan, a Scottish clan. They challenge them to a clan match for something. They ask how they reply to them and say they need to meet them at their base tomorrow for it. Tomorrow morning, the O’Donnell clan meets up for a meeting and ask if he sees thunder flame clan or any covenant. He replies to seeing nothing. Two clan member look in the sky to see a bomber looking cloud or sarge’s ass. The sarge takes it as a complment. Pete tries to wake up carl but decides to head outside but is surprise to see Kevin still here. He says he’s not in their clan and carl points a shotgun at Kevin. He then notice he didn’t steal bullets from him and pete snipes him for stealing his shotgun. The O’Donnell clan hasn’t gotten a response from the thunder flame clan that they are ready for battle they all the clan members on both teams are surprise when they hear carl isn’t done with his bikini wax which disgusts them and an elite is shown spying on them. the clans march to each other for battle but pete trips in a pot hole.

Episode 2


Episode 3

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