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"DUSK is the story of an ill fated fireteam of the UNSC. Their captain, Nick is given a reality check when his past comes back to haunt him as his team go on a mission to recover is rampant AI program before it falls into the wrong hands" -Description from the DUSK trailer

DUSK is the first ever Halo Reach Machinima to be produced by Seismic Media .

It combines Halo Reach Machinima with 3D models of AI programs

Episode 1 of DUSK was released on August 12th, launching "DUSK Week" with the four episodes being released on the 12th,14th, 16th and 18th and DUSK related podcasts inbetween on the 13th, 15th and 17th

The channel can be found here

Completed Machinima:

DUSK A Halo Reach Machinima12:53

DUSK A Halo Reach Machinima


Kathleen Burns- Kate

James Dyer- Nick and JD24

Josh Chichester- Marcus

Sophia Zee- Jess

Sarah Ertan- SE16

Seb Best- AM20 and Guard

Chris Redfield- Police Officer and Soldier

Alex Da Silva- Interrogation Officer


  • The machinima was previously known as Negative Evac and was to run with the Halo 4 engine, this changed in production due to the machinma restrictions that Halo 4 has.
  • On July 24th Seismic Media announced that DUSK will be four episodes long and will be aired in the space of one week, spaced out between DUSK themed podcasts, a release date was not disclosed.
  • On August 6th a trailer was released for DUSK with the ending annotation stating that the first episode would debut on August 12th.
  • On October 27th, James (voice of Nick) hosted a panel at London's biggest pop culture event, MCM Expo. DUSK was shown in it's full length and questions were be taken from the audience, the panel was recorded here.
  • On November 6th posted a review of DUSK . Their writter, Kyle described DUSK as "engaging, enjoyable, suspenseful and downright entertaining."

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