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Sandguardians Episode 10

Daniel Trite's Journey Through the Genres is a Halo 3 machinima adventure series created by Darkspire Films. The series is fairy tale like series when dainel goes on a journey he never expected


Episode 1Edit

The series starts off with the narrator starting off the tale of daniel trite's adventure not starting off that most fairy tales do and it starts off with daniel trite is in the basement of a store where his boss yells at him for not setting up his wiki pockets in the front of the window stores where he says he was drawing in his note book and his boss yells at him for not putting the pockets and people wont know. when he leaves daniel wishes he can have an adventure like the hero in his book sir cotten swab and is about to sing until the boss reminds him to put the pockets out. the narrators says daniel didnt care about abuse his boss gave him because his mind was else wear thinking about his hero sir cotten swab and he says his one adventure was just around the corner. in the store the boss and daniel made nothing and tells daniel to lock up the store while he goes home to watch the 9th season of degrassi. he tells him to watch himself because he drop some oil. when daniel is about to lock up he trips and wakes up later in a forest. he then is met by the deera-puss who tells him that the people need his help.

Episode 2Edit

Coming Soon...


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