Delivery at Arms is a Halo 3 machinima created by Blubbaproductions, the creators of deserted. This was supposed to be a prequel series to deserted, telling how the charactors met and what did up to the point when they get deserted in the desert, but creators quit the series after they had to reload episode 1 back on thier youtube channel.

Episode 1 - ReassignedEdit

The episode starts with three radio reporter on the military channel telling campgains killing thousands of soldiers in the war. in the reporting center, private hebert monta is assigned to Emerson galaxy, where a soldier has a life-span of 2 weeks and is station in delivery at arms company and is sent to the ship to go there. In the emerson galaxy, ducker speeds his car while being chase by a officer and gus tells them to stop. he does but the officer crashes his car into thiers. monta takes the ship to delivery at arms, but has no seat or seat belt to hang onto on the way there. back at the emerson galaxy, the police officer gives ducker a ticket but ignore gus who is in a pool of blood. monta arrives at the base of delivery of arms and showed around by sargent lenex. he tells how they had to lock up thiers vechiles because private ducker is assign here due, who has killed hundreds of soldiers due to his reckles driving. monta meet ducker and gus get up and to the base after recoving from blood lost. monta, decker, and gus are assigned to deliever a set a bombs to outpost to another planet. the three set off for there, but decker, not wanting to wait 33 hours to get there, uses a device that increase thier ships speeds and get them there in 20 minutes, but might break the law of reality be doing so. neverless, they do it anyway. monta wakes up after be knock out from the speed and told they are here. the three land outside the base and head for there while being watch by an elite sniper.

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