Delta Squad

Delta Squad is a Halo 3 machinima created by the crew at Beast Within Productions . The story delves into the lives of the four worst UNSC spartans during the Human-Sanghelli war. The acting general of the UNSC Roy Harper decided it best fit to take the soldiers with the highest friendly fire rate, and throw them staight into an active combat zone on Installation 07.



Sergeant Bob is considerably the oldest of his squad, as he was present during the Fall of Reach, the Battle of Installation 04, and the Battle for Earth. As a soldier in the UNSC, his idol during his early days was Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy John-117, his respect to the spartan is shown as Bob wears an updated version of the Master Chief's Mjolnir Mark V Combat Armor.

Louie JonesEdit

Louie is the scout sniper of the group. During the 8th Vietnam War, Louie had lost his eye during a close combat knife fight. He then decided his best option was to become a sniper, as he only needed his one eye to look down the scope of a sniper.

Toby BangcokEdit

Toby originally was a commander in the UNSC Navy, until a fatal sniper shot to the head caused a wound, that he would never recover from. The brain damage he endured caused him to forget his memories after the age of 10. Toby had to endure 8 months of combat training to re-learn everything he was taught. Even though he was was again given approval to be brought into combat, he still believes he is 10 years old, and was demoted back down to a Private.

Chicken wingEdit

Chickenwing is but a nickname. His true name is never revealed during the series. His backstory is unknown, he is by far the most mysterious character in the series. It is possible that he is Bipolar, as shown by his personality shifts throughout the series.


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