Derek is the main character of the Halo 3 Machinima series of the same name.

Derek 1


Biography Edit

Derek was kidnapped by the UNSC at age six, and trained to be a Spartan II. During the fall of Reach, he was put into cryogenic sleep aboard the Pillar Of Autumn II. Years later, he woke up to serve in the front lines with the UNSC alongside Thel, the Arbiter.

Personality Edit

Derek is usually unhappy, and easily annoyed, especially by Thel. He is also shown to be very uncaring towards others, when continuously provoking Stephen Grimm to commit suicide, then casually asking Thel if he wanted ice cream right afterwards.

Overall, Derek is a very depressed person because of his circumstances, and just wishes to kill everyone around him.

Relationships Edit


Derek greatly dislikes Thel, mainly because of his stupidity, but also because he is a Sangheili. Thel however, believes that he and Derek are best friends and partners. Despite his mental limitations, Thel is a very skilled fighter, which h


as gained him a bit of respect from Derek. At times, the two can get along, however this is very rare.

Trivia Edit

  • Derek's service tag, 420, is a referance to marouajna.

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