Divine Throne is a Halo 3 machinima maker. His machinima's wasn't a series that stuck to the same plot line. Divine Throne created a series of shorts that amused many people. His videos are on all past the 100K mark on Youtube. Also his video's are on Machinima's All Star playlist on Youtube.

His videos are all voiced by himself in different tones, similar the DigitalPh33r. He has also made a music video in some sorts. He was also one of the directors to get featured in the "What is Machinima" series.

In 2009, he started a new channel under the name "SoFallenFilms". In an interview with the "Zoxin It Up! Live" podcast, he stated that he opened the new channel to diffrentiate himself from the other people who used the words "Divine Throne" as elements in their films, making himself easier to find.

His videos include:Edit

  • Critical Connection
  • Don't Mess With Spark
  • I Met Her On Xbox Live
  • He's Got Katana
  • Bohemian Skirmish
  • Al and Frank
  • Elitephobia
  • Slighty Use Mongoose
  • What is Machinima?
  • Halo Announcer Bettery
  • You Deserve Recon
  • If Batman Played Halo
  • Captain Price Plays Halo 3
  • General Shepherd plays halo 3
  • Captain McTavish Plays Halo 3
  • Marcus Fenix Plays Halo 3
  • Angry Modern Warfare 2 Kid

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