A halo 3 machinima series about the adventure of a quack doctor trying to help people with his assistant .

Episode 1Edit

The series start off with a patient trying to calm himself down before seeing the doctor. When the doctor’s assistant comes to tell him the doctor is coming soon for his checkup, he tells her that he has a bad history with doctors because he had a terrible history with a doctor before. When the doctor come in to see him, the patient regonizes him as the same doctor and runs away screaming from his office. The doctor tells his assistant what did she do. When the assistant check the messages, she finds out about the meeting with the deputy surgein general is move up to today and she goes to tell the doctor. She see the doctor talking to patient who is a corpse and tells him that the deputy surgen director is coming and says she should be taken lightly. The assistant is worried because of the doctors medical record. He ended up killing most of his patient or getting other people killed, which worries her they might get fired. When a power outage is on and then the light comes back on, the deputy director is right behind the doctor.

Episode 2


Episode 3


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