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Sandguardians Episode 10

ECHO-10 is an upcoming Halo Machinima written and directed by James Courtney of Crabs Claw Productions. The series is made in mostly Halo Reach, Halo 3, and Halo 4. 


Rogue SpartansEdit

  • Roger (voiced by Ted Suarez)
  • Roach (voiced by Riley Mangold)
  • Sonny (voiced by Reese Mangold)
  • Sid (voiced by Ted Suarez)

UNSC SpartansEdit

  • Kernel (voiced by James Courtney)
  • Bush (voiced by James Courtney)
  • Fragger (voiced by Joey Markey)
  • Quincy

Echo ProgramEdit

      • Jed/ECHO-1 (voiced by James Courtney)
      • The Reaper 

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