A halo 2 machinima series created by Twiinns. it later was abandon by them at part 2, but another studio took it to continue but they haven't release any episodes eithe


Part 1Edit

A prisoner talks about the rotten place about zanzibar prison, where the worst of the criminals are sent, where their are tears and go insane, where the guards show no remorse to the prisoners, where there is always rape, and no place for dreaming of freedom, until now. two prisoners talk about a guys attemp to escape but ends up him getting shot. one of talk about a prison break and say they should go for it. they talk the prisoner talker and agreed to his plan. one of guys knocks thier friend down and ask for the gaurds help. the guards comes look, where the third guy sneaks past him and knocks out a gaurd. the prisoners start to ramble freedom as the guy makes his way to the computer that opens the gate. he manages to open it and all prisoners make a massive run for freedom. the guards kill many prisoners but a lot more make it out to the city. while the guys talk about how great it is to be out, one guy needs to go to the bathroom. when he comes out he turn into a different creature.

Part 2Edit

The prison chief sargent rallys his guards and yells at them for letting 16 prisoners escape zanzibar and even hits one of his guards. one his guards tells the sargent that a group of people are here to see him. the leader of the group tells him they have suition that needs to be told. he tells himthat he been taking prisoners from here and experimenting on them to make them super soilders, faster and stronger, but they mutated into beast and the only thing that kept from changing or remembering was a special serum, but says now because they escape, they will change with out it. one of the soldiers say they spotted them in the city and tells him to take them out. when the guy comes out of the bathroom, he has completely change into beast form, while having a talk with the guy he escape with. they are then surrounded by soldiers but manage to escape. when they get to the other prisoners, they have change to.

Reborn and remastered trailerEdit

when the creators of escape from zanzibar quit the series at part 2, Auranovas studios got permission to remake the series form the twiins. the trailer was release on machinima

episode 1 trailerEdit

Auranovas studios made a trailer for the first episode but after that they had said thier going put it on hold.


It is unknown who the characters are, none seem to have names.

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