Fathom is a 4 minute long Halo 2 trailer made in July of 2007. Several popular machinima directors were involved in creating it including SodaGod, BlackouTT and Jamie98s. The trailer featured superb editing and generated an Epic feel to it. The machinima was highly anticipated, and was thought to be one of the best machinimas to date. However, The full machinima was a hoax. It had little to nothing to do with the Masterfully edited Trailer, Instead it showed a person making a sandwich. This upset many members of the machinima because the trailer led viewers to think the full machinima would be incredible.


The Trailer starts out with a man named "Gabriel" in a forest as he's looking at a mysterious tree. He returns to camp and tells his comrade about the noises he heard in the forest when an alarm suddenly sounds off. They rush outside and a battle ensues, it then starts raining and soldiers begin to burst into flame. A fast paced montage of action starts, which shows battle scenes, a meteor falling into the ocean with Gravemind speaking throughout the scenes.


SodaGod and BlackouTT used an ARG style marketing campaign for Fathom. From making mysterious threads on with cryptic messages and also made 2 front page news posts on popular Halo News Site Halo.Bungie.Org which inlucluded these pictures


Fathom Trailer Halo Machinima

Fathom Trailer Halo Machinima