Flipside is a new Machinima from KenshiCorp. Its plot is 3 Spartans fighting the Red base. The characters have simple stories. CaptainNate is a sniper, plays the Clarinet and lives in Colorado Springs, right nextdoor to Ralink which he doesn't realize. Ralink is an excellent grenader, has assassinated over 500 people, and loves Ghosts. Sgt Raccoon is a Duel Wielder, very smartmouthed, and loves Spectres. Mukigura is a very succesful bounty hunter who is always aided by Jak. Jak is Mukigura's most prized warrior, and he is always aiding Mukigura.

Where to viewEdit

Until the website is created, the episodes are on Youtube. Episodes:Kenshi9977's profile KenshiCorp is now in production of the Flipside Movie. Movie:Ralink2's profile