Gray Team is a Machinima series created by A10M1C [Atomic] of Mindless Distortion productions[1]. The series originated from the Gray Team[2] in the Halo Novels but soon branched out into their own direction with it, some what sticking with the Halo Canon.

The episodes are known as Transmissions, as in video transmissions. The first transmission was released onto youtube in two parts, but, upon the release of episode two, the Mindless Distortion Team decided to remake the first episode to better fit their production quality. The episode one summary read:

A group of Androids created by Dr. Adam riser, who's purpose is to replace the UNSC soldiers in future combat, set off to help the 119 squad in this first installment of the Gray Team series.


Transmission OneEdit

The first transmission follows the activation of Android 24. Upon his activation, a messenger enters the room and asks the Android's creator Dr. Adam Riser for reinforcements to help the 119 squad at a Forerunner outpost. Reluctantly, he agrees and sends the Androids out into combat.
It is good to note that only the high ranked officers in the UNSC are aware that they are Androids, normal soldiers and Spartans do not know this
The androids arrived at the UNSC base and met the Lieutenant of the 119 squad. After a brief discussion about a terminal on the opposite side that may contain important forerunner information, they where attacked by a small squad of Transid elites. The androids as well as the 119 squad fought a hectic battle with the forces and soon ventured down into the underground route. After a brief encounter with a mysterious elite, they wandered into the Terminal room and viewed a new message that had appeared. The episode ends with the androids heading back to the UNSC outpost, only after passing the messenger huddled in the corner. She begins to contact base with some important news, but static cuts off and the episode ends.