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Grunt time

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October 9, 2005 - November 9, 2005

Running time:

3-4 minutes (average)

Number of episodes:


Grunt time was a mini-series by QuackJAG. It involves two grunts (A Special Ops and a Minor) stealing weapons from the Elites, then getting into trouble with a hunter and the entire Elite camp.

Episode 1Edit

A grunt comes running back to camp with a new weapon he stole from the Elite Camp. The other grunt is impressed by the new weapon until a hunter approaches them and asks about the theft. The grunt apologizes and goes to return the weapon to the rightful owner. As the grunt walks away the hunter focuses on the other grunt, until the thief sneaks up behind the hunter and kills him with the stolen weapon.

Episode 2Edit

The grunt steals another weapon from the elite camp, this time its a red plasma rifle. To show it off he uses a grunt named "Stanley" as a test subject and begins to shoot him until he dies. The leader of the elite camp confronts him with his massive army. The grunt then asks himself the question "Should I flee or Fight". Then the episode ends.

Episode 3Edit

The episode picks up where episode 2 left off. The grunt is faced with the entire elite camp wanting to kill him. Just as the grunt is about to make up his mind whether is is going to fight them the scene cuts to the commander of the Pillar of autumn. He is planning to attack Halo by crashing the ship into it. The crew of the ship abandon him because he is clearly insane and utters the line "Cowards, you will all face your destiny one day at the hands of the Muffin Man". The grunt spots the ship and starts to flee, the Elite see's it also and tries shooting it, but it doesn't work so he runs away too. As the commander crashes the ship into Halo he shouts "I AM FULFILLING MY DESTINY AS THE MUFFIN MAN OF DOOM!" Then screams loudly. The ship crashes into Halo and destroys the planet and everyone on it, including the grunts.


It is stated in the credits that there will not be a 4th episode.

The series theme song is the "Hamster Dance Song."

All voices were done by QuackJAG.

The series was filmed in Halo CE.