For all of you machinimists and filmmakers out there, Halo Machinima gives you the great ability to promote your machinima on the wiki! Here's how...

In order to expand your machinimas, it is highly recommended for you to create pages for your machinima's characters, episodes, seasons, etc. This would help provide more information and proof of your machinima being in production, besides just external links. You can create your machinima characters' biography, trivia, voice actor, etc. For episodes, you can create the episode's plot, the characters that appear and even add the video to your episode's page, which can also help increase the number of views for your video.


When creating character/episode pages you MUST ADD SPECIFIC CATEGORIES. For example: say you create a character page for Burt; you cannot add a category for it called "Characters" because the category is very generic & will cause confusion. You must call the category: [name of your machinima] Characters or, for an episode page: [name of your machinima] Episodes.

ALSO when creating a title for a character page, add the name of your machinima in parenthesis next to your charcter, in order to avoid confusion. E.g.: Caboose (Red vs. Blue), Burt (Spartan Forever), Gertrude (Little Miss Halo). Remember that article titles must conform to proper word usage guidelines such as capitalization.

When naming an article, please abide the following procedure:

  • Use the "official" name whenever possible. (In a machinima article, that means that it is the given name for the character that his creator has chosen.) If more than one "official" name of the subject is known, use the most full and accurate version of the name.
  • If no "official" name exists, a nickname may be used, but please use the Nickname template. It is common for pages to be named something like "Unidentified Soldier" (NOT "Unknown Soldier"), but it is usually better for them to have more specific (albeit still conjectural) names (i.e., Miller (Sandguardians)).

More info can be found here.

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