Halo Wars: The Series, or just Halo Wars, is a series of camera-filmed machinimas. It was their first machinima, and their version of The Forgotten Spartans. It is still running but is now on capture card.

Season OneEdit

Season 1, Episode 1Edit

Onboard the UNSC Resolute, Spartans Dare, Ciaran, and Hunter are being taken to see the Commander of the UNSC fleet. However, a Covenant ship is headed their way. The Arbiter on board is being questioned by Veesheg, a consultant to the Prophets. The attack begins just as the Commander meets with the team.

Season 1, Episode 2Edit

Dare and Ciaran go out to fight the Covenant, while Hunter stays behind to guard the Commander. Dare and Ciaran manage to kill a bunch of Covenant, but they return to find Hunter and the Commander missing, and decide to enter the Covenant ship.

Season 1, Episode 3

The Commander is brought for questioning, while Hunter is taken to be sacrificed at a later date. Veesheg takes over when the Arbiter wanted to spare Hunter, and questions the Commander. Meanwhile, Ciaran and Dare enter the ship, and kill several Elites.

Season 1, Episode 4Edit

Ciaran and Dare are captured, and Veesheg prepares to kill them. The Arbiter entervenes, killing Veesheg, knowing that this will bring the Prophet's wrath down on him. He drives the Covenant cruiser into the planet below, killing him, but allowing Ciaran and Dare to take the Commander back to the Resolute.

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