Halo vs COD is a live action machinima created by Kratos117. It follows several Spartans fighting a race of army men.


1. Rise of the CODEdit

The Spartans are resting after a hard day of fighting the Covenant on Halo 3. However, another Spartan accidently opens the Call of Duty 4 case, realeasing army men. The spartans fight off as many as they can, but they are overwhelmed and have to retreat, learning that a war has started for the Xboxes.

2. First StrikeEdit

The Spartans find a rocket launcher, and plan to use it to destroy the COD4 case, and end the infestation. However, the CODs find them first, and steal the rocket launcher. They destroy the Halo 3 case, and all hope seems lost, but then one of the Spartans finds a Halo Reach.

3. Molten Wava!Edit

The CODs discover the Spartans secret weakness, but the Spartans drown them in Wava (Jello). The Spartans think they are victorius, but when they leave, one COD survives.

4. Dark Tide, Part 1Edit

The CODs use the plumbing to find and capture the Blue Spartan. The Red and Green Spartans decide to rescure him.

5. Dark Tide, Part 2Edit