A Halo 3 machinima series made by steadyaimproductions, the creators of imperfect. The Start of a new story, a new adventure. Following the footsteps of the Infected civilian known as Archer and his best friend Jack. This Epic story is full of death, depression and dispair. This is IMPERFECT Ressurection.

Episode ListEdit

Episode 1 - The series begins as archer is swept to shore and he awakens. he recollects how he got here to the thie point. he and his friend jack and other were selected for the program to become spartans and protect the defense of the nation. he and jack head for the called for the spartan recruits. the commander greets them to the spartan training facility area 18 and notices that they all have thier suits, which will be needed. when spartan recruits are sent to the baracks for sleep, archer asks jack why are they here. he says that they are because the unsc want them to be here. the next day, all the spartan recruits are sent to area 18 medical facility to be infected with a parasite that will give them more strengh, speed and reflexes. when jack is the first to be infected, he goes insane and starts shooting his fellow recruits and medical personal. jack says he cant help it as the recruits try to stop with no luck. when jack gets to archer, he run out and leaves. when the odst team that the medic were able to call arrive, they quickly trie to get things under control. a spartan recruit asks what going on, the odst officer shoots him with stun rounds and quickly checks out a sound he here while the spartan blacks out.


Archer - he is the main character of the imperfect series.

Jack - in the imperfect series, he was an fully infected form in a tank. we find out what happen before then. he is archers best friend


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