"In Good Faith"
Season 1, Episode 1
Air date September 8, 2012
Running Time 7:58
Written by Kydthekid
Directed by Kydthekid
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"In Good Faith" is the premiere episode of the machinima series Bona Fide.


A few years after the Great War, archaeologist David Redfield waits for his partner Nico Hemingway to finish his very difficult urine break. Once done, Nico hops on The Elephant and he and David drive off very slowly. Nico points out a crashed alien ship, which David tells him to ignore and focus on the main objective. Once at Bona Fide, an old alien temple, David is chosen to go inside first, via "not it" and warns Nico not to go over to the ship. Nico, being disobedient, does it anyway.

Inside the temple, David finds, what looks to be, a regenerator, but when activated displays a hologram with numbers and coding that means nothing to him. Back outside, Nico sees an alien walk out of the crashed ship and decides to follow it. When it walks around a corner, he hears it get killed. Nervous, he raises his gun, which has no ammo in it, and swings around, yelling "FREEZE!". No one is there except for the alien's corpse. Nico turns around to get whacked in the face by an unknown soldier.



  • The episode title refers to the English translation of the Latin phrase, which is also the title of the series, "Bona Fide".


Bona Fide Episode 1 (Halo 3 Machinima Series)07:58

Bona Fide Episode 1 (Halo 3 Machinima Series)

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