Created by:

Garrett Bleshenski

Directed by:

Garrett Bleshenski


Garrett Bleshenski


July 14, 2012 - Present

Running time:

14 minutes (Average)

Number of episodes:


Infinity is a machinima series by Garrett Leon Bleshenski. Circled by the mysterious events in the time before Halo: Reach, Infinity introduces Halo/machinima fans to a radical alternate universe that ultimately surfs seamlessly between the main storyline of the Halo universe and beyond. Following it's Season: One logo - "Before there was Halo, there was everything else..." In the first season of Infinity (2012) the machinima follows the story of Spartan Green Team in the year 2535 near the end of the outer colony siege. Through the rest of the series, Spartan Green Team travels through time and space in order to escape the conflict-arising ripples of an ancient forerunner device. Along with Covenant pursuers, the team seeks for a human sanctuary in another dimension.


Voice TalentEdit

  • Agent Jason Harris
    • John Cone
  • Lt. Gilber "Goob" Trunks
    • Garrett Leon Bleshenski
  • Doctor Stella Umbrage
    • Anissa Goretcki
  • Operatios Specialist Nyxeris Trunks
    • Sydney Bleshenski
  • Senior "Spitty" Spitbacka 'Vadum
    • Wesley Grauherr
  • Chief Icoris Beck
    • Anthony Maillette
  • Private "Juicebox" Morens Screens
    • Spencer Carriveau
  • Captain Cornelius "Rock" Mubegra
    • Wesley Grauherr
  • Colonel Crash
    • N/A
  • Doctor TerraNova Umbrage
    • Alysha Sneed
  • Corporal Hayden Crash
    • Andrew Tacey
  • Commander Renver Umbrage
    • Garrett Leon Bleshenski
  • MIA [Multifunction Information Assistant]
    • Alysha Sneed
  • Professor Carl Marquis Umbrage
    • Garrett Leon Bleshenski
  • Extra(s)
    • Garrett Leon Bleshenski
    • Wesley Grauherr

Series SummaryEdit

Plot OutlineEdit

Infinity Season- One

In the first season, Infinty introduces the viewers to Agent Jason Harris in an interrogation room in a remote facility High Ground Hold-out (Halo 3) sometime after the events of Season: One and Two. As the interrogation reaches climax his mysterious questioner forces Agent Harris to recall the events leading up to his capture for treachery. After fading to darkness Harris tells his story about rescuing Doctor Stella Umbrage from Gamma Station Spaceport, which was destroyed by the doctor to prevent her data from falling into the wrong hands. After the escape, the fleet is trapped in the attack by a slipspace inhibitor (found to be the doctor's drive) and abandons his ship. (The UNSC Infinity-class Support Cruiser "Code of Silence") The teams crash lands in a forerunner facility just mere miles away from his V.I.P's extraction point. Through this, they explores the colony of Gratropolis, supposedly founded by Stella's mother TerraNova Umbrage. Cut off from the extraction point by a persistent Covenant Corvette, the team fortifies the colony and protects the Doctor's data. However, through a never-ending strike force the city eventually falls to Covenant control and the team is taken aboard the Corvette for interrogation regarding the whereabouts of the Doctor's research. (Known only as the Dimension Drive) Though, when a rouge elite turns to help the team they make their escape and gather an offensive against the Covenant in that sector. Finally, Harris and the Doctor reach their extraction point only to find it completely deserted. As the Covenant move closer to the densely-populated cities of Onyx, the Doctor discovers the Agent's true objective and second-guesses who she should love and trust. Agent Harris discovers the true secret behind the Doctor's research and what is it for. With the last of the team surrounded by elites and stuck hopelessly in their failing Highlands Hold-out... Harris fades back to the interrogation room and finds out who and why he is being questioned by.


Season: OneEdit

  1. "Condemned to Death"
  2. "Isle of Doom"
  3. "De-Generation"
  4. "Juicebox"
  5. "For All Glory"
  6. "Dimension Jump"

Season: TwoEdit

  1. "TerraNova"




Infinity has a custom soundtrack made by Garrett L. Bleshenski which will be available for download via iTunes soon.

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