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Inside Halo was a Halo 3 machinima series created by SodaGod and taken over later by DeadPixal. It was used to inform gamers about updates on Halo content. Though, due to the inclusion of news about other games, like Modern Warfare, it was cancelled and reincarnated as Inside Gaming.


The foundation of the show is to provide information regarding Halo 3, updates in the Halo Community and news on new content and Major Leage Gaming (MLG) matches or tournaments. The show also hosts a "Top 5 Plays of the Week", which views the week's top 5 voted Halo 3 Film Clips or Films from Multiplayer by viewers. And when DeadPixel began to co-host the show, Top 5 Screengrabz was hosted, in which the top 5 of those who submitted screenshots of the requested theme would be displayed.

A side series, Inside Halo 3, gave walkthroughs on vehicles, weapons and equipment. SodaGod & Hobowrath hosted the show.


After the thirtieth episode aired, had cancelled the series in favor of a new series, called Inside Gaming, hosted directly by DeadPixal only.

Plot AttemptEdit

Inside Halo attempted a story arc from Inside Halo 14. This however sparked high negativity from viewers, and made a successful end to it on Inside Halo 16. The plot was the following:

SodaGod is hosting another Inside Halo, when DeadPixel phones from Mexico. He tells SodaGod he accidently sold the show when drunk. The purchasers took and held him as a prisoner. When SodaGod hangs up, Frankie Muniz (in the form of a head on Spider legs who screeches) relieves him of his job.

A Mexican by the name of Ricardo replaces SodaGod, and the show is renamed "Aureola Interior". Daddy Go Bot still has his job, but leaves due to his extreme hatred towards Ricardo, and hopes for SodaGod's return.

In his cave, DeadPixel is being forced against his will to continue his job. Later, SodaGod blows a hole in the cave and frees DeadPixel. Ricardo and Frankie Muniz witness their escape on surveillance footage.

While Ricardo was setting up a trap to kill SodaGod, Frankie Muniz triggered it and was killed by the rocket launched by the trap. SodaGod finally confronts Ricardo, knocks him down, and summons a Six Flag Bus, that runs over Ricardo and kills him. SodaGod checks up on Daddy Go Bot, who is happy to have SodaGod back, and the normal routine resumes.


  • SodaGod
  • DeadPixel
  • Daddy Go Bot
  • Hobowrath (Inside Halo 3 Only)
  • Ricardo (Story Arc Only)
  • Frankie Muniz (Story Arc Only)

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