Its a Wonderful Live
It's a Wonderful Live

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March 7, 2008 - April 11, 2008

Running time:

10 minutes

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It's a Wonderful Live is a Halo 3 mockumentary machinima series made by Jon CJG, who at the time went under the alias "DigitalPh33r". It revolves around Jon's experiences on Xbox Live, such as annoying Arby 'n' the Chief fans with new ideas for episodes, people jealous of his armor, plain irritating people and fans who gripe about the simplest things in his Machinima projects. The series ended on episode 3, as Jon felt that they were weak, redundant and egocentric. Due to this, like Deus Ex Machina, One Life Remaining, and Hard Justice, it has been omitted from the listing on his new blog.

Episode GuideEdit

# Title Episode Length Summary
1 Episode 1 10:55 Follow DigitalPh33r as he gets involved with people and situations based on true events or e-mails he has received, like getting judged unfairly because of his Recon armor, asked about petty, meaningless details in his videos or listening to other people's ideas for future episodes of Arby 'n' the Chief.
2 Episode 2 10:49 After addressing a common annoyance on YouTube, during a match on Guardian, Jon encounters a rabid Playstation 3 fan who thinks all Canadians live in igloos.
3 Episode 3 10:05 During a Matchmaking game on Standoff, Jon encounters a player who's too preoccupied with how his Elite character model looks to play well, a Sniper Rifle whore that threatens to hack him, and a vehicle know-it-all who ironically sucks at driving.