Jack HF

Jack's In-Game avatar

Jack HF is a Machinimator within the Halo Machinima community. His older works included 'Remembrance' but is known for the hit Halo 4 machinima 'Deus Novus'. His most recent work is the dark comedy SlaveHunter, which has been very positively recieved.

Machinima WorksEdit


  • The majority of Jack's older works, such as Derek and Wake, have been removed due to restructuring of his YouTube channel.
  • Jack HF is often thought to be a sociopathic embryo, waiting for his first kill. He is in fact; silly.
  • Jack enjoys a variety of cringe content.
  • Jack is mythically feared, with many titles and claims. He is known as "ShitTalker" "Jack and his private army of thugs"
  • Jack was a former admin/moderator at Machinima Evoled, before the implosion of the site.
  • Jack Also produces a variety of SFM and GTA: V machinima content.
  • Jack was pregnant, he isn't anymore.
  • Jack at one point had to go off the grid to avoid the Candian Cyber-Mafia.
  • Jack was formerly involved in anti-communist warfare, including but not limited to: vandalism, assualt and shittalking.
  • He is believed to be the only survivor of Chernobyl.
  • Putin likes Jack, but dislikes his videos.

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