The ClanEdit

KWAC Productions is the The Killers Without a Cause clan's venue for machinima making.

The group is currently seeking new members to join as more people equals more actors. Current members include clan leaders MrTenseJacob and Happyfaceman232. The other 2 co-leaders alongside Happyfaceman232 are VastGerm and Jstup. 

Current ProjectsEdit

  • Social T-Bag: The clan's first machinima series features footage from team matchmaking in which all present members T-bag the enemy team without concern for their own survival. The results tend to be unexpected.  
  • Custom Insanity: The clan's second series is videos of clan custom games featuring unorthodox and unique starting weapons, maps, and gametypes. Examples include Episode 1's Sniper Dome, and Episode 2's Warthog Arena.  
  • KWAC's Own Robot Chicken: A machinima series that features a series of comedic sketches in Halo 3 format.

At this point, another series has also been confirmed. Although the plotline and name are as of yet undecided, it will most likely be a comedic series in the style of Red vs. Blue.  The writer of the script and some aspects of the music will be Jstup.