Kido Badtower (YouTube name "Kbadtower") was a machinima actor, director and writer for a machinima called Willingly Insane. He worked with MoonLiteWolf, Army Badtower, Miri and Lyn to make it. Cpt Jack Hammer also guest starred.

Appearences by TGEdit

TG members like Cpt Jack Hammer and Harabek guest starred in his machinima after receiving some writing tips from both.


His machinima had been canceled due to the fact he did not have enough time to keep making new episodes, and he had been going under training to get a dog training license. It is unknown if he will ever resume, considering he had sold his Xbox.

The ElitesEdit

Kido plays a character named "WinterFresh" in a machinima called "The Elites" by MoonLiteWolf. It is unconfirmed whether or not he will be in episode 3 to voice-act.