Project BlackKnight, a machinima series from Thomas Productions, has an extensive character number. Main, supporting, and minor characters will be listed here.

Main CharactersEdit


Damian, a Major in the US military, is almost killed in battle. Doctors inject him with enhancers, making him the first human test subject for a new military project. The adrenaline enhancers make him stronger, more aggressive, among other things. But the enhancers don't work the way they are supposed to, and Damian gets too out-of-hand when he is demoted to Corporal. General Musgrave demoted him because the thought Damian needed less stress. Damian goes berserk and kills soldiers in the base, and General Musgrave. The US military is now searching for Damian, who recieved a new piece of armor, and is in hiding from the Military.

Major CageEdit

Corporal Marcus Cage was promoted to Major to fill Damian's role after he was demoted. Cage took over Damian's squad and missions.

Cage was once a member of Damian's squad. He was present when Damian waas blasted into the ocean.

Supporting CharactersEdit

General MusgraveEdit

General Robert Musgrave was the General of the US military. He spearheaded Project Blackknight. After he thought that the project failed, he demoted Damian and promoted Marcus Cage. When Musgrave was leaving the base he was stationed at, Damian threw a grenade at his car. He pulled Musgrave to the edge of a cliff, where he was shot and killed. The position of General has yet to be filled.

Lieutenant KlausEdit

Introduced in Blood, Lieutenant Klaus proudly served under General Musgrave. A very loyal soldier, he will do anything a General tells him. Aspects of Klaus's personality will develop throughout the series.

Minor CharactersEdit


Seb, an armor maker, is an old friend of Damian. Damian goes into hiding from the military, and asks Seb for a new piece of armor. Seb gives Damian a new black suit. Damian asks Seb to destroy his old suit.

Sergeant FelixEdit

Sergeant Felix is a character that will be mentioned in "Blood", but will not actually make an appearance until a later episode.