Live with Cpt Jack Hammer is a machinima series by Cpt Jack Hammer, a member of TG, the clan that makes Pregame Lobby.


There isn't really a plot due to this machinima being interviews with famous machinima makers. There's also the "Machinima Minute" and some mini commericials.


  • Episode 1

The first guest is harabek, creator of Pregame Lobby, and they talk about the history of Pregame Lobby and future episodes.

  • Episode 2

The second episode (Held on Avalanche, the possibly official map, features the creator of Phil and they talk about past machinima projects and how Phil came to be.

  • Episode 3

In episode 3, The Cpt talks to Tyler Gunstream, creator of Forecast the Series and intoduces "The Machinima Minute" featuring Arklug.

  • Episode 4

Episode 4 probably features the biggest star yet, as Cpt Jack Hammer interviews Jon from DarkspireFilms, creators of Matchmaking. Also an extended Machinima Minute with harabek once again with discussion of the end of Pregame Lobby.

  • Episode 5

In episode 5, The Cpt interviews Christopher Thake, aka Darknal, creator of The Forgotten Spartans. Also Cory from New Scape Productions joins the show


  • Cpt Jack Hammer
  • TG Pyro
  • TG Gigavux
  • TG Harabek
  • Mankable R Wallabee
  • Jordan Rieth
  • Tyler Gunstream
  • Arklug
  • Jon McCaleb