Logan is the main character of ZealousSangheili's machinima series, Life of Logan.

Character DescriptionEdit

Logan is, in Halo 3, a pink Elite with a combat-harness helmet but assault shoulder-armor and chest piece. In Halo: Reach, this armor is replaced with the default "Minor" armor set. Logan's signature weapon is the plasma pistol, which may be the foremost cause of his countless deaths. It is Logan's dream to someday be the best Halo player in history, but his chances are bleak, as he has yet to win a single match. Yet, with the help of his friends, he may stand a chance. He has revealed, to his closest friends, that his greatest fear is Cruella DeVil, as he is afraid she will turn him into a "puppy skin coat." Logan discovers, in episode #9, that he has a hidden skill of driving Halo races, primarily with the ghost but also with the mongoose. Logan is the co-founder and leader of the newly-created "Pretty Swirly Clan."

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