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Hugh Hancock


Active is a gaming and media streaming website, that aims to be a hub for machinima, the art of creating animated videos in real-time virtual 3-D environments. The site features machinima-related articles, and news. Machinima productions can be submitted for possible redistribution after staff review. Founded in January 2000 by Hugh Hancock of Strange Company, the site helped to bring attention to machinima and to encourage productions based on game engines other than those of id Software's first-person shooter computer game series Quake. The site currently operates under the name Machinima, Inc.

They host shows such as Arby 'n' the Chief, Phil, and Matchmaking.

Inside GamingEdit

One of Machinima's most notable and popular series is their daily segment of Inside Gaming. The segment combines the aspects of creating machinima and delivering gaming news. It is hosted by Adam Kovic, an employee of Machinima, under the alias The Dead Pixel. In fact, it was this alias under which his notability and fame were built when it was his initial Xbox Live Gamertag. Kovic has since risen to be a "star" within the Machinima community. He is often seen in Halo 3-themed machinima form, which is recognisable by his lava-red Recon helmet. Inside Gaming is the successor to Machinima's discontinued segment, Inside Halo, which was less successful due to the lack of news surrounding the Halo series. Inside Halo was also hosted and started by "Soda God" and he let Adam do the show one week and Soda God do the other. When Soda God ceased hosting Inside Halo as often, Kovic unintentionally gained control of the series given that he was doing more recent episodes.

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