Meme is a spartan in the Running Gun production, Spriggs.


Meme is a Red and pinkish-purple spartan.


In Spriggs, Meme is a medic that has some, "history," with Hammer. Meme was sent to Zambai 7 because of her sewing General Volin's legs back on, backwards. She shares her confinement on Zambai 7 with the spartans, Hammer, of coarse, Willy, Spriggs, and Triple M, and later on Rogir and General Volin, and the 3 Elites, Rotri, Soltri, and Boltri, aka, Boom Boom. In the episode she first appears in, we hear some of her history with Hammer, and it seemed, that Hammer was cheating on her. In the next episode, Meme takes out Hammer's spleen to which he replies, "You're harvesting me for organs aren't you," to which Meme exclaims with no. We then figure out that she has limited supplies, not having enough anestetic to put a 3-year old kid under.

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