The Master Chiefs face off

Multiverse is a Halo 2 machinima by Jamie98s. It was created for's Zune contest on June 13, 2007. However it did not win or place in the top 3.


The machinima starts out in Halo: Combat Evolved with Master Chief in Blood Gulch. He attempts to go in a teleporter but it was blocked by a warthog which caused the teleporter to malfunction and catapult Master Chief into the Halo 2 universe. He then finds himself face to face with his future self and they start fighting until they unite to destroy the Scarab. After destroying the Scarab they make peace with each other and use a piece of covenant technology to send the chief back to his own universe.


The Chiefs destroy the Scarab


Multiverse used blue screen editing to incorporate the halo 1 character into the halo 2 universe. A special blue green map was used with Halo CE and recorded with fraps. Then the chroma key effect in Sony Vegas was used to add him into scenes of Halo 2. Master Chief from Halo 2 was also chroma keyed into certain scenes improvising the sky on "outskirts" as a blue screen. The video is mainly set to the song "For Reasons Unknown" by The Killers.

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