National Pink Space Operations began on July 1st 2008 and is currently still in its first Season.


An Elite travels back in time to stop the human-covenant war from ever happening, he enlists the help of several normal and strange humans to accomplish his task and in doing so changes more things than he would like.

Season 1

Episode 1- How it all Began (Part 1)

Eagle and co travel back in time prematurely after a viscious assault from a mysterious enemy.

Episode 2- How it all Began (Part 2)

Eagle meets an unlikely and idiotic ally.

Episode 3- Assessment

Eagle and his new friend must pass a ridiculous test if they want to start their own organisation.

Episode 4- The Shield of Impending Doom

Ketchup finds an interseting artifact while Eagle moves his equipment to the new base.

Episdoe 5- Ketchup Roll'd

A visitor to N.P.S.O sets Ketchup's temper off.

Episode 6- How to be Human

Ketchup helps Eagle fit in with the humans while Barry discovers an imprtant message.

Episode 7- Lockdown

A malfuntion cause the base to go into lockdown, leaving the lives of Eagle, Ketchup and Mr Woolsey in Barry's hands.

Episode 8- In Which we meet Dr.Crowley

Eagle meets a mysterious new scientist who has a strange method of investigation.

Episode 9- Cause and Effect (Part 1)

Eagle goes to desperate measures to regain his memories after he finds a shipment labeled "Mess with your memory and muddle your mind"

Episode 10- Cause and Effect (Part 2)

After Eagle wanders off due to an effect of the LSD, Ketchup and Barry begin to retrace his steps.

Eoisode 11- The Expedition

Eagle leads N.P.S.O to new worlds to find vital minerals and information for his research.

Episode 12- Attack of the Clone

After a successful offworld expedition N.P.S.O return to find an unwelcome guest

More titles coming soon....


Eagle- The time travelling elite, his motives for changing history are cited as being becuase, "War is boring"

Ketchup- An idiot with a knack for building things.

Barry- There was a terrible accident and the result was Barry, a human conciousness in a covenant Ghost, he travelled back in time with Eagle and spends his time being depressed.

Woolsey- Pencil-pusher and all round arsehole, he is the liason between N.P.S.O and the UNSC

Bernard- A Forerunner Oracle who 'lost' his installation

Swetheart- An old military Veteran, he took an instant dislike to Eagle

Chekhov- A drunk russian soldier who is more accepting of Eagle

Syke- A psychopathic murderer who was put in the charge of N.P.S.O