NO WONT LET YOU #2 is a Halo machinma created by Dexterboy124. It starts out with two guys coming to a gas station in a warthog. The driver tells the gas station worker to fill his car up with special. The worker says "no" and the driver asks him again, but after everything he says, the worker keeps on saying "no" or "no won't let you." Then the driver gets very aggravated with the worker and finally gets out of his car, but the worker says "no won't let you" to whatever the driver says. So, the driver gets on the turret of the warthog, but to his surprise, the bullets are just above the worker's head and it won't go down and the worker won't die. And the driver's friend says "fail, dude." and gets out too. So, the driver gets off the turret, kills his friend, takes his friend's rocket launcher and tries to kill the gas station worker, but ends up killing himself. So, the worker ends up alive.

Then, two guys on a mongoose come and ask for the same thing. This time, the worker says "yes, will let you." But right after he says "Just kidding, no won't let you!" and a random person with a Gravity Hammer comes up, whacks it and kills everyone there, finally saying "Whoa. I think I killed 'em!"


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