"New Introductions"
Season 1, Episode 2
Air date December 15, 2012
Running Time 7:31
Written by Kydthekid
Directed by Kydthekid
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In Good Faith
"New Introductions" is the second episode of the machinima series Bona Fide.


David sits there, puzzled at the hologram. Curious, he touches it, which causes it to explode. Back outside, Nico wakes up after getting hit in the face to see the man who'd hit him start to approach. He jumps up and points his gun at him, asking why he'd been hit. The man explains that his name is Miles Straume and that he was basically protecting himself, as he didn't know who Nico was or what he was capable of. He asks Nico to explain himself. Nico tells him that he and David were sent by the RCA to search Bona Fide, which sets an alarm off in Straume's head. They rush over to the temple. Inside the temple, Nico calls for David, then a response of exaggerated groans. Nico and Straume find David on the ground injured. He explains that he'd touched the hologram and it blew up, but he had no clue to what it was. Straume puts the pieces of his story together to conclude that it was a holo-table, an informational database that stores everything there is to know about a certain temple. When asked by Nico how he'd knew all this, he responds vaguely by saying he'd been there a long time. He then goes on to explain when the ship crashed, he'd been sent with three other soldiers to investigate. While he was taking a break to urinate, the rest of his squad was being murdered by a group of aliens. Nico asks how they could take out three people, but couldn't handle him. Straume tells him that he basically hid and waited untill they'd left, and that the alien that showed up earlier that day might be a sign of their return. He reassures them that if they prepare and stay away from the temple, they should be safe. He then asks David to stand up, which he could do all along. Straume looks at The Elephant and informs David that it's dead. David goes up to Nico, who's looking at the ship through his scope, by scaring him. The both bicker at each other for a while, but then, David starts to tell Nico that if they don't go back to the RCA with any artifacts, neither of them are going to receive a promotion. Nico comes up with the bright idea to search the ship, which David responds to negatively. Nico, being as disobedient as he is, ignores him and runs right over to the ship. David protests as he does.



  • When David scares Nico near the end of the episode, the name "Greg" appears faintly above his head, indicating another name or just a random production error.
  • It is revealed in this episode that Nico is indeed related to writer Ernest Hemingway.


Bona Fide Episode 2 (Halo 3 Machinima Series)07:32

Bona Fide Episode 2 (Halo 3 Machinima Series)

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