New Troy is a city that will be in the new machinima, Besieged, and is the main antagonist in the story.


Founded in 1103 B.C. by Heranius the Large, this city has always been on the forefront of technology. It was started as a fortress on the southeast side of the Blood Gulge. Almost immediatally after establishing a base fort, they began conquering other areas. Moving west. They established a military empire, forcing entire cities into submission. In about 1000 B.C. they attacked a city larger than they had ever encountered. This city was New Sparta Fighting hard, they were driven back. Around this defeat, the towns surronding the main fort rebelled and took control of the main city. The people established a form of democracy where the people elected their leader. In 1600 A.D. they met ,New Spartan Army agian, after fighting for a day, New Troy needed the weapons and New Sparta needed the food, a trade relationship flourished. But in 2429, New Sparta joined the Griffinsburgh Alliance of cities, seeing this, New Troy ended all ties with New Sparta, and the two cities were at each other's throats. About fifty years later. New Troy attempted to conquer New Sparta, for which the machinima mentioned earlier takes place. Anything further on this history would reveal machinima details.


The city is located on the edge of Forge World in the Blood Gulge. The city located on the beach. The city has walls of iron surronding it, and is fortified from above on two sides. Invasion from the ground is virtually impossible.

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