Noob-Man is a Halo 3 machinima series, the second made by Mr. Fluffman. It is a comedy/action show that follows Justin Morgan, an akward teen who discovers he has superpowers.


The story follows Justin Morgan, an akward teen who wanders into a UNSC training camp. He is somehow injected with the Spartan Serum, and decides to become a superhero, wearing a costume similiar to his favorite warrior of the past, the ninja. (Note: Mr. Fluffman used Hayabusa for Noob-Man, and voiced him himself.)

Episode One "Akward"Edit

Justin Morgan is a computer geek who has just graduated from high school. Not sure what to do with his life, he stumbles into a UNSC training camp, and is mistaken for a test subject. He is led into a dark room, and is injected with the Spartan Serum. He has no apparent reaction to the serum, so the soldiers judge that it does not work and let Justin go back home. That night, he expierences entence pain, and passes out. He wakes up three weeks later, with increased speed and strength. Realising that he could be a superhero, Justin creates a costume that mimics his favorite warrior, the ninja. He goes out and fights some petty crime, but then he briefly fights a rejected test subject of the Spartan Serum, like himself, calling himself Daedulus. They briefly fight, with Daedulus easily defeating Justin. The next day, the mayor claims the new superhero to be called Noob-Man, which horrifies Justin, but he excepts.

Episode Two: "Big Time Superhero"Edit

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