Oh So Beautiful is a series by Jamie98s. It showcases all the scenery and beautiful areas in Halo. The series first episode was created on July 8, 2005. There has been 6 versions so far. Episodes 1-4 were eventually re-filmed and combined into one episode. A Halo 3 edition was made, it consisted of campaign footage only. It was mentioned in one of Bungies Weekly Updates

" In a rare spurt of value and awesome, a link was passed around internally at Bungie this week from our own Halo 3 Forums. User Jaime98 created a machinima montage to some of the more subtle elements of Halo 3’s visuals. A bunch of the things shown in the video were things I’d overlooked while steamrolling my way through Campaign before and after the game shipped. "

There have also been many Spin-off versions of the series created by various people. Such as

  • Oh So Betaful (a look at Halo 3 during the Beta - by ClearviewPro
  • Oh So Beautiful Shadowrun (A look at the elements of the video game "Shadowrun" by Trigger119

External Links Edit

Oh So Beautiful Halo 2 Edition Kochinima

Oh So Beautiful Halo 3 Edition Kochinima

Oh So Beautiful early versions 1 2 3 4

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