The Omega Men (stylised as "The Ωmega Men) is an upcoming Halo Reach Machinima by Basement Gamerz . The name comes from that of the Charlton Heston film, the Omega Man , a film about the last man on Earth


The show focuses on two Halo Reach players both on 24 kills in a game of team slayer when 343 Industries shuts down the Halo Reah servers to get people to play Halo 4. The show is a series of unrelated episodes in which the Two characters (who are Refered to as Red and Blu) try to keep the spirit of Halo Reach alive, and attempt not to kill one another.

Season 1Edit

The Omega Men seasons take the lengths of classic British comedies (meaning that it only has 6 episodes a season)

The Season 1 script was completed on the 8th of September 2012

The first Episode of season 1, named Team, was released on the 15 of April, 2013 on the YouTube channel BasementGamerz


On the 10th of September 2012, the main cast was confirmed. It was confirmed that Will Burgin Stevenson, who was also the writer of the show would take the roles of Blu, and a possibly reoccuring character called Gustav, an Austrian telemarketer.

The rest of the cast comprises of Tom and Giorg of the youtube channel "Basement Gamerz" as the voice roles of Imp (in season 1, and will play other 343 industries employies in season 2) and the narrator/radio announcer respectivly.

On the 11th of September, Giorg of Basement Gamerz agreed to also play the role of Red, one of the two main characters

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