Omega Squad is an upcoming machinima from A Duck! Productions. It will be released in chapters that will last five to ten minutes each.


Led by a team of four Spartans, Omega Squad is a group of defunct soldiers who must defend the demilitarized zone Sector 71 against Covenant Elites who have crashlanded in the valley.



Voice Actor: Ryan Spies

Sean is the leader of Omega Squad.He was originally from Great Britain, but his outrageous accent is consistently inconsistent and varies with his mood. He mainly wields an assault rifle has a strong liking for food.


Voice Actor: Matthew Luckow

Ryan is the reluctant intellectual leader of Omega Squad.His nerdiness is reflected in his extremely nasal voice and tendency to speak in military jargons and acronyms. He uses the sniper rifle and battle rifle, and acts as Omega Squad's scout and recon unit.


Voice Actor: Brock Masching

Quite the opposite of Ryan, Bob is the intellectual black hole of the group.His lack of cognitive ability is compensated by cool red armor and an obsession for strawberries. He wields the SMG and the M6D pistol.


Voice Actor: Kaitlyn Luckow

Jen is impatient, hot-tempered, and sports a rocket launcher with infinite ammunition as proof.She is constantly annoyed by Bob and is usually seen trying to kill Bob out of frustration.


Voice Actor: Matthew Luckow

Valaa is the Zealot leader of the Elite combat team. He wields an energy sword with great pride and hates humans to no end.


Voice Actor: Brock Masching

Atarvae is an Elite Ultra with a beam rifle always at hand.Like Ryan, he is the smartest of the group and serves Valaa as an informant and a strategist in winning the battle against Omega Squad.


Voice Actor: Ryan Spies

Gwaga was once a respected Spec-Ops until he underwent a classified Covenant experiment that attempted to create Super Grunts. He was accidentally drained of all intelligence and courage, and was restationed under Valaa's command.His vocabulary consists mostly of the word "Wort!".