A halo 3 machinima series where a guy do stunts to get the attintion of his fan while risking his life doing it. by bored monkey productions


Episode 1

The episode starts off with the stuntman chris introducing himself and his cameraman steve and saying the episodes theme is magic and does his first stunt is a magic trick. he say he will levitate, then asks steve to turn off the camera then turn back on but turn it off quickly. he does the trick but it was a rip-off trick. his next trick is where he will lock himself in steve's mom hibernation tank, which he says that not his mom, then chris says he will be lock in with a steve mom look-a-like and that if something happens, steve has to break the tank. he traps himself inside but quickly starts drowning with steve trying to break the tank but not working. later he is able to get out somehow and do his next trick. his next trick involves a volunteer that sign up on thier web site, where he will cut her in half but she will still remain intact. he does it but actually kills her. he and steve then run away.

Episode 2

the next episode comes out, with chris is still trying to do stunts. he says he's going to try to dodge a legal system while punching a cop in the face. he does it while a cop is in his car. he gets arrested while steve bails him out two days later. he next stunt is where he will drive his mongoose over exploding fusion coils, whick steve says its a little to dangerous. chris says what give him the right to tlk back to him, which he says he cant hold a camera or speak probaly english. he then attemps to jump over but the fusion coils dont explode. he checks the coils and sees he forgot to switch on the reciever then gets exploded. he later come out of the hospital one year later where his next stunt is dodging a bullet being shot by steve. after getting a joke he heard earlier, steve fire at him and he goes down, steve walks away slowly and leaves. later we find out chris is okay.

Section headingEdit

Chris - Is the main character of the show and is the stunt man even through he is not very good at it almost always getting him killed, some one else killed, or being a cheap trick

Steve - he is the cameraman of the group and films all of chris stunts but says he stupid at some points.

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